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Samita Mishra Memorial Foundation For Cancer Research



The two-fold motto for the Foundation reflects our basic objective of educating people.

• To raise awareness about cancer.
• To fight against oral,breast and cervical cancer.
• To support research for the detection,treatment,prevention,and cure of cancer.
• Today, the Foundation creates awareness and provides education to the general public through a slew of activities:
• Education and awareness camps
– Free health check-ups for early detection of cancer
• Convocations for oncologists to share knowledge
• Audio-video lectures by oncologists in schools and colleges
• Episodes of street theatre about cancer– symptoms, detection, treatment, prevention for communities
• Production and telecast of anti-cancer health programmes
• Publication of a quarterly magazine
• Dedicated to the fight against cancer in all its forms
• Putting up a large amount of information about cancer– and how to fight it – on our website and FB pages.
• The basic objective of the Foundation- establishing a super-speciality oncology hospital.


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Samita Mishra Memorial Foundation For Cancer Research

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