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Samita Mishra Memorial Foundation For Cancer Research

Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Message from Chairman's Desk

Dear Friends,

Cancer is a deadly disease. I realized it when my wife "Samita Mishra" lost her life due to tongue cancer at an early age of 39 years on 11th Aug,2013. Here I decided to work in the direction of transforming cancer from deadly to preventable disease and to meet the goal "Samita Mishra Memorial Foundation fo Cancer Research" was formed.

The vision took concrete shape on18th December, 2013 when thefirst "Cancer Bhagao" campaign was launched in the from of cancer detection and awareness camps in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

"Cancer Bhagao" is a movement and movement can never be success without people participation. So I need the support of all of you in this campaign. Out of twenty four hours I request "ONE MINUTE" everyday from you for those people who are unknow to you. This one minute can save numerous lives. Is it necessary to understand the significance of life after losing someone close?

Come together and fight against cancer and join the movement "Cancer Bhagao".

Prafulla Kumar

Chairman & Founder


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I here by take a pledge, that I will never consume Tobacco in any form and motivate others also.

Samita Mishra Memorial Foundation For Cancer Research

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