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We have always wanted a section on our site just for you...a place to share your story, connect with others, rejoice in good news, or share your grief. Feel free to upload a photo, write a sentence...or a paragraph, exchange experiences. This section is yours to do with as you like...we are simply here to offer you a link to the rest of the cancer world.

  • Hello Im am 14 years old and i was born with CLL. CLL stands for Chronic Lymphoctic Luekima, I was also born with AHA. AHA is a disease were my antibody's eat my red blood cells and they slowly die off. My CLL has gone away now and i have been in remission for a long time, But sadly i still have my AHA. AHA stands for Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia. It causes me to have muscle fatigue, Random Vomiting and some other bad stuff. But with the help of doctors and other people around me i learn to get through it. My friend Kendyr Helps me get up sometimes, or walk when..

  • I'm 28 and less then a month ago on 1/31/17 I received my diagnosis of testicular cancer. I had surgery to remove my left genitali on 2/2/17. It developed on the outside. CT scans show signs on my lower lymph nodes and will be starting BCP regiment of Chemotherapy on 2/27/17 and have at least 3 cycles planned. Took my chest CT on Saturday and will be going over the results on the 27th fingers crossed it hasn't developed that far..


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